Badel Antique Pelinkovac 0,7l

22,53 (169,75 kn)

Badel's oldest and best-known premium herbal liqueur, but also one of the most intriguing Croatian drinks. The product dates back to 1862, the year when the company Badel was founded in 1862.

It was designed by Franjo Pokorny, merchant and founder of the company Badel in 1862. At that time, Antique was sold exclusively in pharmacies under the recommendation of "stomach tonic". It contains the indispensable wormwood, and the original bottle in which the product is sold is still kept in the Museum of the City of Zagreb.

Antique Pelinkovac has been produced since 1862 in the same, traditional way, according to the original recipe, from 100% natural ingredients.

For complete enjoyment, it is recommended to serve Antique Pelinkovac well chilled, and it is perfectly complemented by one or two ice cubes and a piece of lemon or orange.

Antique is a valuable part of Croatian tradition with reason and pride. In recent times, it has become an obligatory souvenir that tourists like to taste, but also take with them as a selected Croatian delicacy.

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